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Visiting asterix park

Probably, you have already heard about Asterix Park, a first-grade amusement park near Paris, ideal for having fun with your family. This park is a place of lightheartedness and restless joy atop of a roller-coaster, so don’t let anything down-to-earth bother you.

It may be difficult to arrange family rest without getting nervous if you are new to the country. Comfort Tours tries to save your time and effort. We will get you the tickets to Asterix Park and arrange a transfer to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Take your time, enjoy the attractions and let us take care of the trivial details. And before you go ― please spare a moment to read our small yet helpful note about this unusual place.

As the name suggests, this French park is dedicated to Asterix and the Gauls in general. Asterix is a fictional Gaul, the protagonist of comic books, cartoons and movies of the “Asterix and Obelix” cycle. Every Frenchmen ― from kids to the elderly ― knows and likes this little guy.

The fact that Asterix Park is mainly an amusement park doesn’t limit its audience to mere kids. While the daring ones will love gigantic roller-coasters, the reserved ones can visit a dolphinarium where these intelligent animals perform unbelievable tricks. And for those in the middle ― how about water-slides of numerous shapes and sizes? And if you need a break from incessant fun, be sure to wander the Asterix Village, an exact copy of the setting used for the movie.

There are five distinct zones at Asterix Park: Gaul, Greece, the Viking area and the Roman Empire. Every part has different attractions located in a masterfully planned expanse surrounded with lakes. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops ready to welcome the visitors.

And here are some hints:
– Look through the weather forecast. You will surely want to try out all the water attractions, so try planning your visit for hotter days.
– Don’t hurry. The park is huge, so it’s better to reserve a whole day for the trip unless you want to return the next day to explore the rest of it.
Due to the abundance of water attractions and entertainments, the park is open during the warm season only: from April, 7th till September. In September and October the attractions work only on weekends.

The park working hours:
10.00 to 18.00 (for the normal working schedule)
10.00 to 20.00 (July and August)
Asterix Park is situated in one of the suburbs, Plailly, within 30 minutes’ drive from Paris.

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