rent a car with driver in paris

One of the key aspects of a comfortable visit to another country is transportation. While it is possible to use public transport, the most convenient way to move from place from place is still a car. And what can be better in this respect than a luxury car?

Among other touring and transfer options, ComfortTours allows its clients to rent a car with a driver in Paris or other cities of the region. In a chart below you can find our hand-picked selection of luxury cars available for rent. Besides the cars mentioned below, we’re able to provide other models from a variety of brands: from mass-market Chevrolets, Dodges, Fords or Lexuses to top-class exclusives, such as Alfa Romeo, Bugatty, Pagani, Ariel Atom, Maybach or KTM. In case the list lacks a particular model, contact us and we’ll do our best to the vehicle of your choice.

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