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Thoiry Safari Park tour


Thoiry Safari Park tour

France is a unique country to provide a vast variety of museums, parks and attractions; it never ceases to amaze! Ladies and gentlemen, “Comfort Tours” is ready to offer and organise all this diversity.

If you come to Paris, in addition to museums, a fun way to spend time is a visit to the Safari Park in Thoiry. This park will be exciting both for adults and children—it is a holiday for the whole family.

Thoiry Park is located 40 km away from Paris, therefore, one goes there by car. We provide cars with a driver at your disposal. It is advised to plan a trip for the whole day in order to have enough time to explore everything. In the park, you will never get bored. If you get hungry after a walk, then you can go to the park café, or a restaurant, or a picnic area where you can replenish your energy.
The Thoiry castle is located on the territory of the park, as well as a maze, zoological and botanical parks and a safari park. Thoiry is over 150 hectares, and is a home to more than 1,000 different animals. You will receive a unique opportunity to see the wandering inhabitants of the African continent (giraffes, tigers, lions, bears, elephants, rhinos, hippos and many others), and to explore their habitat. This tour is unique in the way that it gives the opportunity to study the life of wild African animals and enjoy fresh air. Thoiry Safari Park was created not only to entertain, but also to attract people’s attention to the endangered species.

While strolling through the Botanical Garden, you will be able to see rare and unusual plants.

Built specially for children, there is a playground “Magic Island” in the park where the children are never bored. Your child will be able to try many rides and a variety of slides, climb a pyramid, visit the poultry yard and a mini-farm, or go down a glass hole to observe life of underground animals, and more.

Children always visit the maze of Thoiry, with a length of 2,300 meters. They can play hide and seek, run and frolic and, most importantly, not get lost. The labyrinth is made of plants that have a pleasant smell.

Thoiry Castle

Antiquity lovers can visit the gorgeous castle of Thoiry, created in 1559. Raul Maro, the royal treasurer and part-time alchemist, acquired the Thoiry estate, where he studied science. Thoiry Castle was built according to the rules of the golden section, typical of the Renaissance. Visiting Castle Thoiry, you will get a unique opportunity to see the castle of the XVI century, with its collection of tapestries, paintings, and other art objects. Staff at the Palace, dressed in costumes of that period, will guide you through the many chambers of the palace and tell you some of the secrets and stories of the castle.

This tour is suitable for the whole family and children of different ages; it gives the opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy communication with your family.

Thoiry park working hours:
Summer 10:00-18:00 daily
Winter 10:00-17:00 daily

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