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Paris Discovery Tour + Picasso Museum private visit (8 hours)

This private excursion with a guided visit to Picasso museum will provide a comprehensive explanation of the history behind the most famous sights and monuments of Paris and familiarise you with the heritage of one of the greatest artists of the XX century, Picasso, as well as his biography and peculiar things about his life. You are going to ride a comfortable private car after the certified driver meets you at your hotel and invites you to a luxurious car (Mercedes minivan or similar). This tour is an excellent option if you are going to plan your route and make a to-visit list for the whole stay.

The guide will tell you about the city architecture, and some of the facts about the building your are about to see are going to astound you.
— The first place you are going to see is the very heart of Paris, the Opera Garnier, where the famous play “Phantom of the Opera” was conceived and staged.
— Next, the driver will take you to the Vendome square built in the XVII century;
— After that, you will drive through the arcs and see the Royal Palace and the Louvre museum.
— Next, we cross the Seine and get to the central Isle — Cité;
— The driver goes by the Conciergerie and stops at the Notre Dame cathedral.
You will have a guided visit of the most famous cathedral in the world and an opportunity to take pictures of the Notre Dame in the daylight.
— The next waypoints are going to be the Town Hall (Hotel de Ville) and the smaller of the two islands, St Louis.
— Proceeding deeper into the Marais district, you will see the buildings where the representatives of the royal family lived since the XIV century. Nowadays, you can see many Jewish establishments in that district.
The guide will show you the peculiar buildings of this district, and then tell the history behind the Place de Vosges.
At this point, you will see the museum of Picasso. Its policy restricts the time of any private visit to 75 minutes, but you will manage to witness the most complete collection of the works produced by Picasso. Its vast expositions make it truly unique—nowhere in the world you will find a larger collection of Picasso’s works. Many art forms include paintings, sketches, drawings, engravings, sculptures, illustrations, diaries, as well as supplementary material from his photo albums, documents, and video clips. This collection is the primary source of knowledge for people who study Picasso’s life and work, and attracts mant international experts and critics.
You will be surprised by the large heritage of this prolific man of art, learn Picasso’s biography and immediately recognise the originals of hist most famous works. There are over three hundred paintings, two hundred sculptures, dozens of household items designed by Picasso, vases and what not.
— Then, the driver takes you to the Latin Quarter where the most famous universities are located, including Sorbonne, Ecole des Mines and the Polytechnic University. Besides that, you will see Pantheon where notorious Parisians are buried. Next to it, the Luxembourg gardens are located. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty as an as an homage to the French manufacturers who produced the original statue. Besides that, there is the Church of St. Sulpice.
— After that, the car go the St. Germain quarter where many artists and culture workers of the early XXth century and the Belle Epoque created their works.
— Following that, the guide takes you to the French institute and shows you the exterior of the Orsay Museum. You will also see the famous bridge with thousands of locks that lovers attach to it.
— The next point is the Concorde square, the vastest square of the Western world where the royal dynasty was executed during the Revolution. Then, the car turns to the Champs Elysees, on of the most expensive and famed streets in the world.
— The driver will then take you to the Arc of Triumph constructed by Napoleon.
The next stop will be near the Grand Palais, the Museum of Army at the Invalides, veterans’ barracks, and the square that provides the best view of the Eiffel Tower. You will shoot some photos with the most famous monument of Europe in the background.
— The final district that you are going to visit is the Montmartre, where the most famous painters used to live.
— At the Montmartre, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Paris from the highest point of the city. The nearby area is called “The Village of Artists”. You will visit the famous place du Tertre and the Sacre Coeur basilica.
— In the end, the driver takes you either directly to your hotel or, which is better, to a local café where you can enjoy typical French cuisine.

Should you desire to spend more time at one of the monuments or slow the pace down in order to learn more details about its history, please send us a message in advance so that we could tailor the agenda to your needs, possibly omitting some of the monuments from the list.

Tickets to Picasso museum included.

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