/ Romantic dinner, cruise and Eiffel Tower visit in Paris (5 hours)
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Romantic dinner, cruise and Eiffel Tower visit in Paris (5 hours)

The chauffeur will arrive at the lobby of you hotel and pick you up in a prestigious car (black Mercedes or similar brand). You will be dropped off at the Quai Branly museum near the Eiffel tower and shown to the upper floor of the building of the museum where the restaurant “Les Ombres” (“The Shadows”) is located.

The waiter will then accompany you to a special table for to that provides one of the best views of the night city. Most importantly, the Eiffel tower will glitter with thousands of LED lights every 30 minutes if it is dark.

During this exclusive dinner at one of the best Paris restaurants, the butler will be at your disposal for your requests. You will have an opportunity to choose between various dishes, wines and champagnes (food and drinks not included in the price) “a la carte”. This luxurious dinner will be a long-lasting memory and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When the dinner is over, the driver will pick you up and drive to the place where the Seine river cruise. For one and a half hours, a luxurious boat will be going past the most beautiful monuments located on the bank of the Seine river lit by powerful spotlights and floodlights. Little macaroni cakes will be served for tasting, and extra champagne will be provided in the atmosphere of romantic music (you may suggest your own preferred compositions).

After the cruise, you will go to the Eiffel tower and capture the magical moment when it glitters with 25 thousand lights and shoots two bright beams into the night sky.

In the end of this evening, the chauffeur will show you the square of Trocadero (or, if you prefer, any other location that is dear for you) where you will see the night lights of Paris while having another glass of Champagne.

After that, the driver will provide a comfortable ride back to your hotel.

This special tour is going to become a unique memory and an unforgettable romantic experience in Paris.

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