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Tour to Chantilly

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, take a guided tour from Paris to Chantilly. Experience the magnificent park designed by the great Le Nôtre, dating before the creation of the Versailles Park. This park consists of several buildings, including the Small castle and the New castle. Surrounded by ponds and channels. The Chantilly Castle has a variety of phenomenal sights. Enjoy original paintings by Raphael and Piero di Cosimo. See a mosaic made in Pompeii, and Ecouen stained glass. Be astounded as you walk through a library of 30,000 books and 700 manuscripts. Also see the nonresidential buildings of the property, including the Chantilly stables and the Hippodrome, where horses still race and perform at events during the summer. Explore the Museum of Conde and learn even more about Chantilly. All of these things and more make this the tour of a lifetime.

Experience history on the tour from Paris to Chantilly.

Throughout this tour you will learn deeply about the historical value these sights hold. Especially both castles, being the most profound parts of the tour. The Small castle, built in the XVI century, is more renowned in history. It is now mainly for residential use and for visitors to see. The New castle was built in the XIX century, and is similar to one that was built by Baron Montmorency around 1530 but later destroyed during the Revolution. It new serves for residential use and homes the Conde Museum. Visit both of these unbelievable buildings and see which one you love the most.

The Chantilly Stable were founded by Prince Conde in 1719. Years later, the Chantilly Racecourse (Hippodrome de Chantilly) was built close by. There are a few courses on the property, the main course being 2,400 meters long. Events are hosted here in the summer months for children to watch equestrian shows and horse races. Te racecourse was also used in the 1985 James Bond film, “A view to a Kill”.

Henri-Eugene-Philippe-Louis d’Orleans, Duke of Aumale, is responsible for the remarkable library of books, manuscripts and art you will visit. He was the son of the last King of France and led a very interesting life. Considered the greatest collector of the time, the Conde Museum in Chantilly became his showcase. Along with the extensive library, the Conde Mueum contains numerous famous paintings. Most of these paintings are Italian and French works. There are also 2,500 drawings. The prince’s will stated that his collections will stay there on display. To this day, they are admired by countless visitors.

This information is only a brief glimpse of what you will be learning on the tour from Paris to Chantilly. You will be able to experience the beauty of this place first hand, learning more than you can imagine about Frances history. You will understand why this place has been termed by many as a cultural Utopia, not to mention the ever-emerging fashion trends here.

Begin your tour from Paris to Chantilly

The duration of your tour will be around five hours but make no mistake; there is a lot to do while you are at it. You will start by visiting the large apartments in the Small Palace, built in the XVI century, as discussed above. You will then get to visit the Museum of Conde in the New Palace, built in the XIX century, also discussed above. Your day will end with some free time to walk around and explore for yourself.


March, 15 – October, 15 10:00–18:00
October, 16 to March, 14 10:30–17:00.
Lunch break: 12:30-14:00.
Day off: Tuesday
Departure time from Paris hotel : flexible. We can adapt to your needs.
Your purchase includes your entrance tickets, driver and guide.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change your life? The tour from Paris to Chantilly is a great experience for everybody. This tour is great for families because it is a learning experience not only for children, but for parents too. Try it out with a significant other as an educational and extraordinary date. You can even take the tour by yourself and get an incredible lesson on history, without having to read pages of a textbook. The beauty of this tour is the bonding process and learning experience that comes with it. You and your loved ones will be surrounded by beauty together and stepping into history – strengthening relationships and education without even realizing it. Book your tour and enjoy the phenomenon that is Chantilly.

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