transfer-in-paris / Rent Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet
Price for 1 day
1100 eur
Аренда автомобиля в
Цена: € за дня
Personal data:
  • 2 Seats
  • 3 Doors
  • 2 Large bags
  • 2 Little bags
  • Sport
Rent Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet

Rent Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet 

Rent Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet in Paris, Nice, Cannes and Monaco with SARL Comfort Cars. The exceptional design of Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet is distinguished from other Porsche models with new top of sports car and a range of sports details. If you would prefer to rent this Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet in other French cities, do not hesitate to contact us now !

Insurance Coverage

CDW/TP – Collission and damage Waver / Theft protection
You benefit from Elite’s inclusive insurance with Damage & Theft Deductible of € 52000
daily fee to reduce the Damage & Theft Deductible to € 13000 € 110
daily fee to reduce the Damage & Theft Deductible to € 5000 € 195
TPL – Third-Party Liability
Daily fee with deductible of € 1000 € 10
PAI – Personal Accident Insurance
Daily fee per driver € 5

Daily rate (150 Km included)
1-4 days € 1100
5-6 days € 1000
9-13 days € 980 Extra Km € 2.50

Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet is another legend ComfortTours is proud to offer. Actually, it doesn’t require an introduction, because anyone at least slightly interested in cars has heard about this highly prized sports car, which repeatedly appeared on the front pages of car magazines for quite a long time. Well-tested traditions, years of experience and unrivalled expertise of German engineers is combined in this outstanding vehicle.
In you are likely to enjoy a drive and feel of a professionally built sports car, rental Porsche is available for you in Paris, Cannes, Marocco and other cities of the region.

If you want to rent a car in Paris, rent a Porsche ― you won’t regret it

Wide body of 911 GTS Cabriolet speaks of its focus on speed and stability, streamlined rear mirrors are said to reduce the drag and black-painted grille, headlight moldings and tailpipes add a tinge of controlled aggression. As the outlook suggests, this vehicle was designed to provide better racetrack performance and driving dynamics than its famed predecessors.

Sure enough, the car is packed with all technical novelties the industry has to offer. Sophisticated electronics and enhanced suspension coupled with other know-hows provide unbreakable traction and superior turnability ― properties, so valued on a racetrack. For public roads, 911 GTS Cabriolet also has something to offer: the interior is flawlessly designed, all controls are ergonomic and distinctly “Porsche-style”, while the drive is extremely smooth comparing with similar sports cars. Yet again, it is a very respected vehicle, suitable for adventurous young men and to gentlemen with of serious disposition alike. To rent a Porsche Cabriolet is always a good option, because roads in Paris and France in general are just made for enjoying the drive and a roofless variant will let you feel the romantic ambiance of those places without hindrance.

And if you wish to have a go around France with this sample of perfect engineering, rent a Porsche in Paris with ComfortTours. We offer flexible prices, reliable insurance options and maintain our vehicles in perfect condition. We strive to deliver the best touring and driving experience possible, so if a rental car in France is what you’ve been seeking, consider contacting our managers for detailed specs and available cities.