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Disneyland from Paris On the car


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Disneyland in Paris is one of the most visited places in Paris after the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre!

We offer a choice of:

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On a minibus – a child under the age of 11 is collapsing (transfers + entrance ticket to 2 parks)

On the minibus – adult (transfers + entrance ticket to 2 parks)

With the group on the bus-adult (transfer to the park, entrance ticket to 2 parks, ticket for the train)

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Ticket to Disneyland (1 day – 1 park) – child up to 11 years old

52 euros

Ticket to Disneyland (1 day – 1 park) – adult

59 euros

Ticket to Disneyland (1 day – 2 parks)) – child up to 11 years old

52 euros

Ticket to Disneyland (1 day – 2 parks) – adult

59 euros

8 hours

91 euros

8 hours

130 euros

With the group on the bus – a child of up to 11 years inclusive (transfer to the park, entrance ticket to 2 parks, train ticket)

at the request of the client

130 euros

at the request of the client

116 euros

Transfer to Disneyland for 2 people + tickets

at the request of the client

280 euros

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Our company provides the most affordable prices for services, tickets and transfers to Disneyland from Paris and at the same time high quality of service. We manage to achieve this due to direct work with our customers without intermediaries.

Disneyland in Paris

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Are you going to visit Paris Disneyland? Great idea! Visiting this fabulous country is able to present a lot of amazingly pleasant experiences that will remain in your memory for a long time.

We are pleased to offer you a number of services that allow you to visit the famous entertainment complex not only interesting, but also comfortable, carefree, profitable. You can order from us an airport shuttle to Disney, get a Russian-speaking guide at your disposal, and also purchase entrance tickets for 10-20% cheaper than you can buy at the entrance to the park complex. We work without intermediaries, therefore the prices for the services we provide are quite democratic.

Employees of the company Comfort Tours strive to ensure that the feeling of a happy childhood did not leave you during the journey for a second. Our service will make your trip to Disneyland Paris a delightful event, filled with joy and great mood.

All the same, childhood will always live in each of us! Not surprisingly, Disneyland in Paris is one of the most visited places in Europe. Of course, the country of fantasies was created for young guests, but when children and adults are approaching the gates of this entertainment complex, it is still not known who has more heartbeat from anticipation of meeting with a beautiful dream.

Located French Disneyland 32 kilometers from Paris – in the picturesque town of Marne-la-Valais. The grandiose complex of amusement parks was opened here on April 12, 1992.

Miracles begin right after entering the Disney Park: Main Street USA in the style of New World architecture of the late 19th century, very reminiscent of the town of Marceline (Missouri), where Walt was born and spent his childhood. From the railway station, located on Main Street, depart small old trains running around the entire park complex. The whistles, the ringing of the bell, the light smoke from the steam-pipe – all this instantly takes you back to those ancient times when the travels were enveloped in a special atmosphere of anticipation of magic.

On the main street you can buy souvenirs, relax and refresh yourself in the restaurant, watch the parade of the characters of Disney movies. Here are the famous fireworks Wishes and night light parades Fantillusion.

Main Street USA leads to such a recognizable by the disguises to Disney movies the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. This is a true dream come true! Around the world-famous symbol of Disneyland are entertainment zones in which you can be among the heroes of your favorite films, ride a carousel, fly with Peter Pen over London, wander with Alice through the maze.

In the parks of Disney there are many different complexes that will allow you to instantly turn out to be the world of adventure Indiana Jones, Aladdin, Robinson or pirates of the Caribbean. You have the opportunity to visit the set or go for a walk on the Hollywood Boulevard, play golf, see a lot of exciting shows and concerts.

The world of entertainment, created by Walt Disney, is huge and fascinating. Going on a trip to this amazing complex, you will certainly quickly realize that it is simply impossible to get acquainted with it in one day. But this is not any significant problem! Our company will help you stay at the Hotel Marne-la-Valais or Paris, from where it will take you to continue the tour quickly and comfortably.

Comfort Tours offers the opportunity to purchase entrance tickets to visit the amusement park, as well as a transfer from Paris to Disney, excursions to Versailles and other luxury places in France. We can choose the optimal brand of the car for your trip: our modern fleet is always in immaculate condition.

Distinctive qualities of employees of Comfort Tours can be called professionalism, conscientiousness, ethics. All the drivers of the company have a great work experience, and, besides, they are extremely polite, friendly, courteous.

A high level of our services will be a pleasant and practical addition to your stay in the fantastic world of Disneyland Paris.